Classical Renaissance: a new temple dedicated to Apollo is rising (english version)

Classical Renaissance: a new temple dedicated to Apollo is rising (english version)

At the end of the 5th of December 2018 of the vulgar age, the new temple devoted to Apollo is completed in its essential geometry.

This announcement came directly from the leader of Traditional Association Pietas, Giuseppe Barbera. The building is implemented inside a sanctuary at the gates of modern Rome, in the city of Ardea, where the myth set up the clash between the Troyans led by Enea and the Rutuli led by Turnus with the Troyans win upon these latters.

The sanctuary was founded and sacredly inaugurated the day 11th of November 2761 a.V.c. (2018 e.V.) at 11 o’clock. The founding stone was placed following the ancient rite. At the center of the sacred citadel the sacred Temple of Apollo arises (temple built up in less than a month thanks to the work of Pietas Association’s volunteers), solar god that join the Greek and the Italic people. It was because of the Delos oracle’s will that Enea started his voyage to land in Hesperia (ancient name of Italian peninsula), a promised land for the Troyans that reunited themselves with the homeland of their oldest ancestors. The temple was dedicated to the solar god Apollo, bringer of equilibrium and order, sovereign of harmony and father of Pitagora, by the members of Traditional Association Pietas.

Around the temple there are a welcome center for guests (the B&B “La culla degli Dei”), meeting halls, a gym where to practice arts inherent in the movement of inner energies, an esoteric library with a reading hall and rooms dedicated for refreshment. Flower gardens, fruit trees, green meadows and a pool of brackish water for catharsis decorate the house of Apollo. This sanctuary is a new place of light that comes from the darkness of the contemporary era to bring conscience and wellbeing to pious people, really interested in the rediscovery of that italian sacred world, once considered lost but now recovered. At this temple it will be possible to approach the classical sacredness, to the solar mysteries preserved within and preserved to worthy souls, to obtain oracular consultations and much more. The temple will now have to be decorated, for this reason the president Giuseppe Barbera invites all the people who adhere to the idea of the return of the ancient cult, to register or renew the card to the Traditional Association Pietas to support us in this titanic work. Every form of contribution, such as donations and practical help, is welcome. The temple will be active as early as December, at meetings there will be meetings related to the ancient myths and also here, as at the temple of Jupiter, will be based an headquarter of the Hermetic-Pitagorean Italic Schola, and there the next winter solstice will be celebrated.

Further information on the activities will soon be published on the website www.tradizioneromana.org and through the various official channels of the Traditional Association Pietas.

Another victory of conscience against the mental darkness of the contemporary era.

Signed, the Traditional Association Pietas.

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“La visione del mondo non si basa sui libri, ma su di una forma interiore e su una sensibilità, aventi carattere non acquisito, ma innato. Si tratta essenzialmente di una disposizione e di un atteggiamento, non già di teoria o di cultura, disposizioni che non concernono il solo dominio mentale ma investono anche quello del sentire e del volere, informano il carattere, si manifestano in reazioni aventi la stessa sicurezza dell’istinto, danno evidenza ad un lato significato dell’esistenza. (…) Se la nebbia si solleverà apparirà chiaro che è la visione del mondo ciò che, di là da ogni cultura, deve unire o dividere tracciando invalicabili frontiere dell’anima: che anche in un movimento politico essa costituisce l’elemento primario, perché solo una visione del mondo ha il potere di cristallizzare un dato tipo umano e quindi di dare un tono specifico ad una data Comunità.”

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