Erected a Temple of Minerva Medica in Pordenone

Erected a Temple of Minerva Medica in Pordenone

The Traditional  Association Pietas has erected a new temple, dedicated to Minerva Medica, in Pordenone.

This was announced by the president Giuseppe Barbera with the following words, which can be read in the official Facebook page of his Association:

“The temple of Minerva Medica in Pordenone, whose foundation stone was laid on the15th of August, is today, 20th of August 2771 ab V.C. accomplished in its essential geometry.

Starting from tomorrow on the works dedicated to the decorative apparatus will begin.

From today, the communities of the Traditional Italics of the Triveneto have a fundamental reference point for the return to the Sacred.

Pietas not verba sed res “.

On the 9th of August, still on the official Facebook page of the Association, the design drawings of the temple were published, developed by President Barbera and the structural engineer Tricoli, who’s the Vice-President of Pietas and president of the CPPT KR club.

It seemed impossible, and yet in just four days the local Pietas militants, actively supported by the association’s national board, managed to erect, in such a short amount of time, a splendid peripteral circular temple with a rectangular antis-shaped pronaos. To the east of the temple stands the statue of the Minerva Medica of Pietas;

<<in front of the temple the Mundus of the Sanctuary and the altar dedicated to the Goddess form a symbolically important and fundamental line for the connection between the human world and the divine dimensions of the sacred>>, this is what president Barbera told  us during our interview.

The temple has already its own rector appointed by the president and is, since August 15, effectively active.

The function of this place – says Doct. Barbera – is fundamental for the pious components of the Italian North-Eastern area. Finally they have an associative place like us in Rome too, open to those who are interested in actually reviving the ancient Roman-Italic sacredness, where one can develop cultual and cultural activities related to the objectives of Pietas: promoting, spreading, revalorising the classical culture.

The temple is officially open to practitioners of the Roman-Italic tradition and to the practicing members of the Greek groups working for the rebirth of the cult of the Gods and with whom we are developing cordial  bonds of mutual respect, operativity and friendship.

First among them is the Thyrsos group, which with Pietas has agreed on an action program to try to make the Greek-Roman tradition re-emerge in the best possible way. Pietas also profoundly thanks the YSEE groups, who have so far expressed cordiality, hospitality and love for the same ideals of returning to the sacred.

We ask President Barbera, what drives the association to build temples?

Pietas is realizing the erection of Temples to the Deities to allow men driven by noble ideals and virtues, to have places where to rediscover the connection between men and Gods which, for two millennia, have been denied. Ours is a gesture of freedom guided by a profound spirit of sharing and love for what we do.

Will there be rites at the temple of Minerva Medica

Offerings to the Gods are performed at our temples, but it is also possible to request oracles, auspices, hold votes or even access civic initiation. Moreover, Minerva Medica is a deity of spiritual support for diseases and the worshipers prayed her to receive a suggestion of a good doctor or medicine to heal them. Together with Esculapio and Salus it belongs to the group of “therapeutic divinities”, who are prayed in order to find cures to physical and psychological illness. Minerva Medica is for us the divine intelligence that illumines the doctor, who can often act, unconsciously, by divine intuition rather than by his own. At the same time, considering that many diseases actually arise from internal imbalances (it is the case of somatization), Minerva Medica is that virginal intelligence, free from fears and negative impressions (the terror of Jupiter of being dethroned is the reason why he eats his wife Meti), which allows the achievement of an inner equilibrium, capable of making us stronger spiritually in the face of evil and more courageous, which also helps us destroying the inner monsters (Minerva suggests to the heroes how to win Medusa, the Chimera, etc.) to lead to a new equilibrium that avoids somatization. Everyone can pray her freely, whoever wants also at our temple.

What do you mean by civic initiation?

From the strands of popular activity, we “extracted” that civic initiation that made the man a priest of himself and his family, who began and founded his path on the cult of the Lares and Ancestors, followed by the refinement of the practice to the Gods; the Romans enacted very clear laws about this, with a well-structured sacred right. Therefore, in our temples, as is still done today in Crotone during the pilgrimage to the temple of Hera Lacinia (for families still linked to ancient traditions), the teaching of the cult of the Lares and of the Ancestors can be performed, as long as the precepts referred by the rectors and priests of the temples are followed.

Access to the cult of the gods and to the internal colleges is possible for all those members of good will who want to practice the Tradition of their lands and their own ancestors.

How often will activities be held at the temple?

The structure is today novel, but we will provide a regular development of activities, just like at the temple of Jupiter. Certainly, starting from September, the first rites open to the public will take place.

Currently it is already possible to contact and request meetings to visit the temple and deepen the cultual and cultural activities of our association. It is sufficient to write an email to To know the activities in the program just consult the event page from time to time on the site or the official facebook page of the Traditional Pietas Association AssociationPietas

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“La visione del mondo non si basa sui libri, ma su di una forma interiore e su una sensibilità, aventi carattere non acquisito, ma innato. Si tratta essenzialmente di una disposizione e di un atteggiamento, non già di teoria o di cultura, disposizioni che non concernono il solo dominio mentale ma investono anche quello del sentire e del volere, informano il carattere, si manifestano in reazioni aventi la stessa sicurezza dell’istinto, danno evidenza ad un lato significato dell’esistenza. (…) Se la nebbia si solleverà apparirà chiaro che è la visione del mondo ciò che, di là da ogni cultura, deve unire o dividere tracciando invalicabili frontiere dell’anima: che anche in un movimento politico essa costituisce l’elemento primario, perché solo una visione del mondo ha il potere di cristallizzare un dato tipo umano e quindi di dare un tono specifico ad una data Comunità.”

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